I wish you all a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

Like when I was a child, I set foot on the field happily, picked the fresh grass with dew, and put on the beautiful colorful string on my wrist, full of happiness! Full of memories!
That is how long the memory, forget many years, today I want to return to innocence, find innocence, set out to pick herbs!
(Come back to continue)
According to legend, the Dragon Boat Festival day, before the sun rises, all the grass, are endowed with God’s aura, can cure all diseases. All the springs, wash the head, the sick will not be born!

On the road, early, the figure is in a hurry, men and women, the old and the young, the field, the field, are all with a dream of the straw man.
The babbling river, hanging a slip of rinsed black hair girl, daughter-in-law.
In the air, the charming Zongye fragrance! The solar terms at that time are so thick!

When I went out in the morning, I wanted to say to my mother, mom, you help me with some colorful lines, my eyes are very sour, and I can’t say it.

Today’s people are like a holiday every day, but there is no taste of the holiday, people now believe in science, but not as attractive as the superstition at that time.

Won’t pack, bought zongzi, cooked to let people eat, he said: this is not fresh, five days early to eat, – five days early to the festival, but where the atmosphere of the festival!
… Anything else?
My Dragon Boat Festival! The fragrance of Zongye floating all over the street… !
Sister Dragon Boat Festival Ankang, joy!
Thumbs up. Revisiting childhood memories, a beautiful picture of life comes to mind.

Life is always interesting. The childlike innocence is not old, the vitality of life is eternal.
Happy holidays!
Colorful blessing to you, small wire, colorful world you do.
Welcome to visit often, like your talent.
Have a good heart, life will not be boring, we with warm beautiful children’s fun.
Blue, good luck finding the right person.
Thank you sister!
Still miss a person, accidental?
Every paragraph of her words, are very in line with my heart!
Wire? She hasn’t been here in a while, either?
Have fun together o(∩∩)o What’s different about fun Happiness alone is not as good as happiness When you show up, there is joy everywhere! ^O^ I am like the red sun shining on all sentient beings, and you still do not worship o(∩∩)o
There is a happy environment happy heart laziness, do not love that also line, can not buy it! ^O^
Good. Cut and paste the dry code? ^O^