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It is night, at the beginning of the lantern, the hustle and bustle of the town has been gradually quiet, I lean against the window, tasting tea, smelling the night breeze from the balcony brought by the flowers, capturing this rare natural mood, like a cloud, such as a spring.
With the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, modern people are busy with their livelihoods and rush about, just like a top on the line constantly rotating. Naturally, flowing water is always more vivid and hopeful than a pool of stagnant water, but such a society also has too much pressure, so there is a voice in the heart of the cry, cry out “quiet Zhiyuan”, because with this pool of clean water, in order to precipitate themselves in the chaos.

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Tranquility exists in the basic feelings of everyone, constantly overcoming restlessness and irritability, just like the gentle breeze in the forest, giving nature a kind of flowing beauty. Even though the soul, thoughts and reflections flow in our mind, tranquility can still be the core of the person, once the balance of tranquility is lost, the harmony is lost, and only floating and anxious is left, where there will be a calm mind to think seriously, thus may lose more opportunities for good, and hinder the space for further development.

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Therefore, for modern people in society, it is necessary to take enough time to let your mood fly, read some books, and think about some problems. And the desire for peace, to embrace the open embrace of peace, can save an individual’s life from the noise of the situation, so good.
A flash of ten years in a hurry, and now to speed dating to hear the year without desire, listen to the wind to understand my meaning
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Tranquility is a state of mind, not an environment, a person always want to be quiet, anytime, anywhere can do it.
With a peaceful mind, you will naturally have a clear mind, and a clear mind will naturally be able to fully capture various opportunities to maximize your actions. The key is that only when you have a correct understanding of life can you naturally achieve lasting peace of mind.

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Think of the past, look at the present; Look at the present, think about the future; Therefore, in my later life, I chose to study Buddhism for the elderly (this life’s heart is in the cultivation of Buddha’s edge) and build a tree and vine home day. Because I am the heart fruit tree. Therefore, companion practice can only be the cause and effect relationship of ‘heart fruit vine’. Therefore, I regard my home as a place to cultivate my mind and ‘listen to the Sutra and study the Fa’.

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What needs to be clearly stated is that what I am studying is the right path, “changing the mind and cultivating the body” education of Buddhism. Dharma, which is no longer a religion; It’s not some superstitious Dharma. The advantages of learning Buddhism: First of all, to be a good person (stand aloof from worldly affairs! No trouble with people! No staining with dust, etc.). The second is to break the mystery of enlightenment awakening right view (clear mind see nature). Once again, it is from suffering to happiness (see sex into Buddha) free, relaxed, comfortable, vigorous, happy life every day. The last is to go to the happy land of Buddha and never fall into the three paths and six paths of reincarnation. Learn Buddha for the aged, with the practice of bliss. It should be the only correct choice for the elderly in the real life of the world today. Keep friends at home, hold a group of fellow practitioners; Learn to care for the elderly and live in old age, take care of themselves and help each other to practice Buddha. Only for the mind to live a happy life (food and clothing) and then marry.

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How can honest, kind, civilized, diligent and clean people with supreme human dignity live in their old age? Where does this step go from here? There is no need to question the nature of ‘each person’s life and death’! For the elderly who do not want to go to the “old people’s home” and die; The elderly who do not want to go to the “grandchildren’s home” to stay in their old age; “Home companion learning Buddha Endowment” has undoubtedly become the best choice for him and them to spend the rest of their lives comfortably and vigorously (learning Buddha life package food and housing)! Always have company. Old people love. Old and learned. Old and good. Old age has its pleasures. Old people have their place. Old people should be provided for.

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Learning Buddha to be good is a good thing, and learning Buddha to the depths should break the dust. But the donor can not break the dust, only envy Yuanyang not envy fairy, ha ha
Learning Buddhism is the highest enjoyment of the realm of life. Dharma is an educational method to realize that life will lead to the correct way of living. Be a good person. Have a good day. It’s not a religious superstition. Even more do not understand understand! The benefit of learning Buddhism is to see the nature of the mind! See nature and become Buddha. Fellow practitioners bliss. How can you end the dust?
Are you naughty?
Cultivate one’s body and mind. Be healthy and spend your old age in peace!

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I visited my friend’s parents on New Year’s Day.
The old man has published several prose poems, old age health is not good lying in a nursing home, life can not take care of themselves, no longer know people, slurred speech, hands and feet.
His wife suffered from heart disease for more than 20 years, equipped with a pacemaker, has been swollen, it is difficult to walk, but also have to take care of the old man.
Held her hand and looked at it for a long time, probably not long. What if she leaves first and the old man can’t take care of himself in bed?
Her daughter has a family in Europe and can’t go back to take care of her second.
Nursing home nurses are only responsible for checking the delivery of medication on time. The nurse is responsible for feeding and personal hygiene, and after the nurse leaves at night, everything depends on the wife herself.
Old age is a big test.
It is impossible for children to leave their working families to serve the elderly. Nurses and nurses do their own duties, far less than the careful care of people around them.

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It is said that several elderly people who have been ill for a long time, do not want to drag their children, choose to commit suicide. The insurance company cited the suicide as the reason for refusing to pay accident insurance to deal with the aftermath.
What will our old age be like??
This is down to earth, bless you
Happy New Year’s Day!
The old man’s lonely old age, really sad.
Daughter can’t come back, once something happens, no one takes care of it.
When parents are old, they need someone to accompany and take care of them, and it is best to have children to accompany and take care of them, which is also the needs of their children, otherwise they will feel regret in the future. Therefore, both sides need to pay attention to and deal with the parent-child relationship, need to maintain ideological communication, parents also need to live and learn, children also need to help their parents grow up, parents also need to pay attention to the education of life.

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Focus on self-success and neglect good relationships. For example: parents to train children to excel and live a better life in the future for success, will ignore the spiritual communication with children, and ignore the improvement of ideological realm, and cause children in the future do not understand the gratitude of the country and honor their parents.
If you can’t take care of your elderly parents yourself, can’t you spend some money to find a full-time caregiver for your elderly parents? Nothing more than a heart and no heart, do not give their own unfilial to find an excuse, right?
Society should advocate euthanasia.
That’s very true.
Served the elderly hospitalized parents, deep experience.
Loyalty to the country, filial piety for parents, the side.
Social morality is forgotten, and the old age is desolate.
Euthanasia is worth studying.

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There are many vegetative patients in the advanced ward, begging to die. All remain for the benefit of future generations.
Heavy topic. It is not easy for lonely people to spend their old age in peace, sigh!
You can’t blame anyone if they don’t teach you well, can you?
The real question:
Traditional morality is destroyed by profit.
Loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and justice disappear.
Traditional culture is destroyed by interests.
Loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and justice are gone.

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Many children fight over inheritance and kick the elderly out of their homes.
Agree with the 8th floor

Suddenly found that the 9th floor agrees with the wrong place.
I feel that the national law makes it a crime to help a loved one who is in too much pain and wants to die, which is somewhat inhuman and caused by imperfect euthanasia laws.
Meaningful life can make life brilliant, now I live better than death…
Little umbrella, what’s wrong with you?
This topic, seemingly heavy, in fact, this is the reality!

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Already is not looking for the heart, but still can not help to walk around, see what? I don’t know! If you want to see someone talking, you think someone is talking
It means you have a good pursuit of life, and you’re young.

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Wrong, please look at my age, is no longer young and no confidence, so old also let people pick and choose like a dish, really embarrassing, embarrassing!
See the post of the elder sister, can not help but think of people often say, “I come here I don’t talk is to see”; “There is no date to hit the pole and run.” Ha ha ha! Get together after work to liven things up.
Great! That’s great!
Here is as attractive as a magnetic field, there is hope, for everyone in speed dating, say or do not say members are with good hope
Ta pickpocket pull us, we also pickpocket pull Ta, equal treatment, the pole higher line put long, will definitely catch a “rich son-in-law”, emotional things who can say it.
Then again, an excellent woman under the age of 40 can look at a man of 60 or 70 years old, the old man must be a rich and powerful master, and in addition, really excellent men are very popular in society, and there is no need to speed match on the “famous flower has a master”. We are neither humble nor arrogant, what should do, elegant old is not in vain. Do not want a reply! Not against anyone.

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This sentence of yours is not directed at who, said too necessary, I just sent, afraid that they will hurt who, so deleted,
Here is also a land of their own, leisure to visit.
Expected fate, I am lucky, not my life.
Usually, live their own good.
Three meals a day, regular ration.
If the day follows the fate, all is well.
Life if helpless pain, rare peace.

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If there is a soul collision lonely, invite Mo suspect, a wide talk.
Everything goes with the flow…
I see your age, sister, but age is only a symbol, can not explain everything. Some are in their thirties and already languid; Some people are still full of vigor at 60.
I believe that as long as you are still trying to find love and happiness, she is still young; On the contrary, those who are always “seeing through the red world” and negative complaining about the world, she is already old.
You are also in the pocket of others, are equal, think too much to themselves around the inside can not come out.
Besides, if you can live well with anyone, there are not so many troubles in the world.
All the people who come here have failed, find themselves first, and naturally you can find what you want.

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Rough life road, the old age of widowhood bitter, only son home, illness to no help. Look for the destined person, and this really wait; Sunset road together.
Almost very few people are smooth in life, that is to say, almost everyone’s life is bumpy, husband and wife can accompany the old age after all, there is always one of the two people to go first, the death of a spouse is indeed a great blow to people, but there is no way, the days have to continue to live. As for children living in other villages, it is also forced by reality, as in the past, it is impossible for several generations to live under the same roof.

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With your children, right? After all, there is a generation gap, it is inevitable that there will be contradictions, it is too far away, if there is something really not inconvenient to take care of. No one can help you when you are sick, at most someone can help you pour water when you can’t move, boil some porridge, take a medicine, play 120, help hang a number, etc., the disease has to be carried by you, so the best is to exercise your body as far as possible not to get sick, it is best to end without illness. As for the predestined people, it is not easy to talk to each other, whether they can support each other in the face of various disasters, and never abandon each other? To be honest, it is difficult to find a satisfactory person, there are many people who have stayed on the Internet for 7, 8 years or even ten years, or single, but the sunset is the sunset after all, it will not be stationary forever! Good luck to you!

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Thank you very much for your attention and enlightenment, every word has benefited a lot, but also praise for it, although it is a huge crowd of friends is difficult to find, or look forward to a miracle, want to give yourself a chance, can not find a companion is not sorry, also sincerely wish you a lifetime of peace! Happiness forever!
That’s a good poem! Seems to be able to better use poetry to express true feelings! You’re not too bad at courtship, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone.
I have a good attitude and hope to encourage each other.

What does she want?

A woman who has been single for a long time, her maturity is unimaginable; She was resistant to loneliness, poverty, cold eyes, white eyes, bullies, insults, dupes, and crying.
What she wants is not a moment of excitement, of affection, of laughter, of conversation. And what she needs is loyal love, loyal company.
Is that the reason?
Thank you. How are you? I haven’t been here lately playing fast Hands.
Know me also.
Master’s student you work hard, you are still very small, don’t worry about it, shine your eyes will find.
For the moment.

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Okay, I’m not talking.
Is that right? It seems so
In the end, it’s all about money! No money is a wordless ending!
Money, for one thing,
According to the philosophy of three living things can be known: the beauty should be the complete three wealth – healthy material spirit.
Money is fundamental.
Tiktok says it’s easy for a man to find a partner, what he needs is that, and health! The woman to find an object is very complicated, she in addition to that and health, she also considers the man’s material conditions, the man’s character, virtue, integrity, that is, the heat of their own. These concerns of women are not incorrect, because women want to move from their own home to the man’s home, which requires a man with material conditions, character, tolerance, weight, measurement, and popularity.
I once said that in this society, poor people are people with problems, including illness, laziness, accidents, if these problems occur after remarriage, then the woman should also think about herself.
If there are these problems before remarriage, then any woman will question, because there are so many people in the world, why ask for it?

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Marriage sketches are popular now; Two blind date, come? They are here. Do you want to marry? Marriage-seeking. You got a house, a car, savings? Not really. What a marriage! Although, this skit is red, naked, naked to say material conditions, but you must have.
Women will not unlimited to find big money, looking for local rich, looking for foreign businessmen, she is also doing what she can, after looking at herself in the mirror, feel that a man this image is what she wants, and then must have conditions.
I think you covered the whole point.
We pursue health, but in order not to be bound by disease.
We spend our whole lives pursuing what we want to do, what we want to do, where we want to go, and who we like.
(Excerpt from Zhihu Dashen)
Poetry, far away!
Realistic, ordinary.
Should be. That’s right.

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Thank you for your likes and participation. Speed dating is a very honest website, in this age of fragmentation, such as speed dating so real website is very rare. The matchmaker is a rational and knowledgeable, generous, not jealous of the money of the matchmaker, so, more praise for the matchmaker, is for speed dating praise, for speed dating praise, is for our own praise. We can say on this website that free free marriage should be thanks to matchmakers. Therefore, maintaining this website and supporting the growth of this website is the responsibility of our marriage recruiters.
I have been in this website for more than four years, get a lot of information, among which, in my wechat know that there are six pairs of successful speed dating, but there is no noise in speed dating, just because there is no upload marriage certificate. That kind of honesty is really convincing. Recently, the winner was an American who married a young sister from Yunnan Province. They dated for more than two years, but the speed dating was not published.
Ha-ha! Does it make you sad or happy?
People don’t live for a few days, just be happy. If only we could have the mentality of Zhongnanshan.
Indeed, speed dating is a fair and assured website, its marriage data software design is also the most complete science, of which there are a lot of high-quality beauty, although I only came in for a few months, but I favor and contact interactive beauty has more than a dozen beauty, can only blame my marriage conditions and everyone is completely opposite – fat over 60Kg, can reproduce, Plump square face cheek fleshy rich wealth rich husband beauty, declined body thin melon face beauty,
One of the rebreeding conditions, it’s hard to scare off a lot of beautiful women,
Speak from your conscience. Awesome? !
By the way, your condition goes down a little bit.
It can be seen that park-style marriage is material marriage, only RV money, only materialistic flow, too terrible!

Or speed dating edge of the most complete scientific information!

Please come in and tell your experience or story!

Why do we need to find a heterosexual partner when we’re done procreating?
A person waiting for death is too lonely, someone to chat, count the stars, look at the moon, this section of the road more lively.
A little early to talk about death, a little late to talk about love
It’s never too late to talk about love! The right to love and be loved at any age in adulthood!

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At this age, the children are pulling big, a person to the end, in fact, is also OK, now more and more adapt to lonely.
Thanks for your reply. Beautiful life, romantic want to go, I wish you as soon as possible.
Sister, 50 years old is another transition in life, there is indeed the feeling of sunset, so I hope to sunset red. Love or not is not important, but we don’t want to be alone. Wish you as soon as possible!
I think that at this age, to love or be loved is a very luxury, very rare situation to happen. I hope we can get what we want soon.
Exactly as my sister said. But there’s still a part of us that wants that person to show up soon, so here we are. I wish my sister an early wish!
In order to share the joy with someone, bear the sadness together.
According to my sister, a same-sex partner can do that.

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People don’t have time to be with you all the time, they have their own families. Only love even sesame mung bean like joy and sadness are placed in the bottom of my heart to feel and bear each other.
Someone in an empty room to hear you, someone to talk to you!
Marriage will not be so romantic, two people together may be relative speechless, may also quarrel, how the previous marriage, the future will not be much better… This is life.
If there’s any reflection, the next one should be better than the last.
It is said that when you meet the right person, everything will be different.

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Half of life has passed, still struggling to find true love, is really a person’s romantic ah.
My reflection is to accept the imperfection of marriage is not romantic, accept the imperfection of lovers, accept the days of relative silence, and continue to accompany after the quarrel. For many couples who have been together for decades, their summary of marriage is “endure” and “endure and endure.”
I have the same feeling with you, we do not worry about food, clothing, not worry about housing, to whether we need to find him, also confused!
I have the same feeling with you, we do not worry about food, clothing, not worry about housing, to whether we need to find him, also confused!
Finding someone who is perfect for you is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Are there any local forums in Shanghai? Popular ones

Yes, there are several local forums in Shanghai, some of which are: * Fence Forum: This forum has several local communities in Shanghai, including Shanghai Tang Community, Shanghai Hotline, Eastday, etc. Here you can find discussions and information about living, working, playing and more in Shanghai. * Harmony Forum: This forum also has many local communities in Shanghai, including Broadband Mountain community, Kool-Aid Shanghai Forum, etc. The topics here cover life, travel, shopping, real estate and more in Shanghai. * 9 to 5 Forum: This forum also has many topics related to Shanghai, including Nanhui 52 Life Forum, Shanghai Net Marine Community, etc. This paper mainly discusses the work, career, workplace and other aspects of Shanghai. These forums are very popular, you can choose a suitable forum for you to join.
Shanghai Forum
The Shanghai Forum is an international forum hosted by Fudan University and sponsored by the Korea Foundation for Higher Education. Involving economic, financial, legal, political, social, energy, environmental and many other aspects. It has the participation of well-known scholars from various countries. As a forum with the same name as the Beijing Forum, it is usually held in May at the International Convention Center in Lujiazui and Fudan University.

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Owns several local TED organizations and holds conferences regularly or irregularly. Such as TEDxFDU, TEDxWenhuiRd and other TEDx. In Songjiang University Town there are more than five. As the TED slogan says :Ideas are worth spreading.

What is worth listening to in Shanghai

Lujiazui Forum

The Lujiazui Forum, jointly organized by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Central bank, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Regulatory Commission, has always been regarded as a very important financial and economic forum. There were many big names at the meeting, and the ideas were worth absorbing.

What is worth listening to in Shanghai

Lectures held in various universities

Universities hold some lectures, most of which do not require identification and are open to the public. Some of them can be found on the official website of the school, or you can follow the news of everyone or wechat microblog.

Should we insist on sexless marriage?

Look at the head good dizzy ah, can arrange the next version not to see the heart doctor, most of the heart problems are not artificial insemination! ? Method or some of this post after the struggle in 2013-6-8 09:01 edit a table, proud early in the morning is this kind of post, laugh urine, your wife is a stone girl, the key is foreplay, can not go up on the gun charge, out of the water again, to use the mouth with the hand that, ah, not much to say, Next time with a little effort to become a psychologist, maybe before in this area has been hurt, untie the knot is good really false ah? I really doubt it! How could there be a woman like that? This post is edited by Zizhu Yuxuan on 2013-6-809:15. Looks like something happened to her in the past that’s left a mark on her psyche, and it’s likely to be… Ah, and that kind of thing. You were sleeping while she was sleeping. Just go ahead. I’ll get you out of bed early. You didn’t touch him anyway, so give him to someone else! Take her to a therapist!! I think it’s psychological. Are you sure your wife is a prostitute?? What to do?? That fascinates her… First break it and then… I’ll buy MY. I’ll do it later. Maybe I did. I’ll do it again. How do you live with this psychological problem, maybe you were forced to do something when you were a child and it left a psychological scar or you got some medicine. Or we could get her a drink. Get her drunk. Take her to the doctor! Is she not in love with you, my classmates are also like this, married for 2 years that my classmate female is in the province of women and children to see the expert there is a department of this personality to take your wife to see the general psychological problems of the heart, otherwise are married how will it be so, really sympathize with you ah, a man, you take her to see a doctor, you will certainly cheat in the future, Your wife is even more sad to find an old film, true and false prince, which Guan Zhilin is like this, with Lao Liu is like to do her. Learn it! Seeing a doctor is the only reliable option. See a therapist. Don’t finish reading the title decisive… Psychological problems, see a doctor See a doctor, psychological problems, and if she is too nervous, drunk first together for three years once did not succeed oh, poor hero, so long time should go to see a doctor. i don’t know if your wife is hiding something from you, I take you to see a psychiatrist, actually has a more evil idea ah… See a therapist and split up with a woman before you lose your career. Foreplay, bondage, force, after the good 1111 need legal advice can understand what is hard to say to look at it should be already divided. I’ve got a lot of trouble in my heart hello 111 Ettot’s early departure 11 flavoring has no taste of food to throw away the pity look at what they said is a sexless marriage, not an impotent marriage let her go! 11. See a therapist
Emotional issues on the high probability of encountering npd lovers, other sites to study through, happy feelings here everyone has never heard of? Indifferent society, there are many such people you look at him, he can charge you with the kind of QJ?
Previous work often travel, plus something at home on the resignation, these two or three months just off to find a job did not see the right, before the work is sales nature, now also do not know what they can do, 33 years old, the thought of immediately to 35 years old, more anxious. If you can’t find the right one, take a break for a while and believe that you will certainly find the right job later! I don’t travel very often. Do you want to come? You can take care of your family. All holidays closed, 5:30 sharp. 25-33 is fine. Customer stability. Look for only 1-2 people. I have a flexible 25-year-old sister. I’m Ms. Xie from human Resources. You can add me. I have courses in education and bank sales. Interested can add me 15927380095 (wechat) There are so many good people to introduce you to work. It’s good. Where is the place of work, I live in evergreen garden do what ah, I live in evergreen garden here I am a girl, married and have children, 6 years old, college education sometimes think so, intermittent not calm, rest time for a long time nothing to do, too idle and like to go out, the basic block of money spent, began to hurry 42 years old today unemployment passing… For the first time in so many years, the first small company that broke down is not urgent, slowly find, accompany the children over the summer vacation, and at the end of August, when the company has no future, what did you quit to online and telephone communication, old customers, requiring full-time college education or above. From 23 to 30 years old. Men preferred, women must be 23 years old and have just graduated or 1.2 years of graduation. Address Hanyang business District. If you want to talk privately. Mercedes 4S shop telephone sales, need to have sales experience, pay five insurance and one fund, address in the subway line 4 industrial Road near this, interested girls can talk about telephone sales intention customers need to interview themselves or by others? Too far to invite to can, customers to the store has a sales consultant reception. Customer resources are also provided by the company

Three things you can’t skip when drinking tea (Three ways to drink tea)

When drinking tea, the first thing not to omit is “enjoy the tea”.
From the perspective of the tea brewer, he depends on the information obtained from the tea viewer to decide what material pot to use, what temperature of water to use, what proportion of tea water to use (that is, the amount of tea), and what soaking time to use.
From the perspective of tea drinkers, we know the degree of fermentation, kneading, aging, roasting, piling and aging of tea from tea tasting. When drinking tea soup, we will have a deeper understanding of tea (recommended reading: Ceylon tea, learn tea knowledge, please pay attention to: www.lhecha.coM) soup.
Therefore, it is best to look at the tea leaves before making it yourself or anyone else. Use the tea lotus to hold about a pot of tea, each tea and tea tasting person appreciate one by one, then do not touch the tea, if you want to smell the tea, do not breathe next to the tea.
Looking at tea leaves before making tea, why should it be called “appreciating tea”?
In order to avoid turning “looking at tea leaves” into “examining tea leaves”, the next viewing color, smell, taste, and look at the bottom of the leaves are all with the atmosphere of “evaluating tea”.
In addition to tea making, review, and procurement, tea is appreciated and enjoyed, otherwise why bother spending money to buy tea but also to diagnose it all the way?
In the tea brewing stage, we will be called “tea”, because the tea maker must see the various conditions of the tea at this time, in order to decide what means to take tea.
However, the next tea drinker will look at tea with an attitude of “appreciation” and engage in the preparation before drinking tea, which is called “tea appreciation”.
The second item that should not be omitted from drinking tea is to look at the leaf base, that is, to appreciate the tea leaves that have been soaked.
At this time, the tea has been sufficiently infiltrated, if not completely stretched, it is enough to see the true face of the tea after being made. If the fire is not too heavy, the pile is too sufficient, resulting in the carbonization of the tea, after a long soak still can not stretch open, otherwise the tea after brewing is always spread out for everyone to watch.
At this time, tea brewers and tea drinkers can see clearly from the bottom of the stretched leaves the degree of fermentation, rolling, roasting, piling, aging, the characteristics of the variety, the condition of the tea green being picked, the degree of damage between packaging and transportation, and even the quality of brewing technology can be displayed.
The project of “leaf appreciation” is not fully applied in the tea ceremony industry, after brewing tea, everyone feels that they have drunk tea, and if the tea residue is thrown into the trash can at this time, the tea is really not a bit of love.
“Leaf appreciation” on the one hand, tea makers and tea drinkers can understand the past and present life of tea from the unfolded leaf bottom, which is a major way to recognize tea and appreciate tea; On the other hand, tea has contributed to the soul of life, and those who drink tea should be cherished and thanked.
After admiring the bottom of the leaf, pour it into the dregs, and when the tea party is over, pour it over the earth to restore it to the basic elements of the earth.
The third item that should not be omitted from drinking tea is “tea food”.
Tea is a small food dotted with tea, not the meaning of drinking tea and sunflower seeds, nor the meaning of drinking tea and eating snacks, but after drinking tea for a while, to change the taste of the mouth, but also to adjust the mood.
Under such a plan, the tea should be small, a mouthful is good, do not chew for a long time, but also spit slag, but also stick to the teeth, but to be delicate, not to rob the aroma and taste of the tea.
After eating the tea, clean up the utensils and restore the appearance of the original tea. Tea tasting in front of only teacup, paper and pen, knife and fork, face paper and other sundry can not be placed on the tea mat, otherwise after drinking tea, the cup of Wolf, do not know is in tea or eating.
Since it is called tea, it should be based on drinking tea, eating tea is just an ornament, just a rest, and then continue to be the main theme of tea.
Some opinions are that tea does not eat tea, emphasizing not to interfere with the appreciation of tea, emphasizing pure tea. Therefore, the tea ceremony industry rarely talks about how to apply tea to the tea table, and therefore tea is not formal enough when it is applied, and it does not have its own rules, but tea often plays an embellishment and humorous effect in the process of drinking tea, and can also give taste and smell a rest.

What are the main ideas of Zen tea culture (The relationship between tea culture and Zen culture)

The main ideas of Zen tea culture are: “honesty, Qing, harmony and elegance”, righteousness represents integrity, Qing represents cleanliness, and represents peace as the most valuable, elegance represents elegance.
Zen tea culture is more inseparable from humanistic care, inseparable from daily life, inseparable from Zen care and sentiment, inseparable from the essence of tea (recommended by the master: uric acid tea, learn tea knowledge please pay attention to: www.lhecha.coM] clear, light clean, polyester trouble, and cultivation.

Zen tea basic procedure
Compared with the ordinary tea ceremony, the procedure in Zen tea is related to its religious temperament. In the meantime, in addition to doing the corresponding action of making tea, the main brewer should also give some corresponding guidance to the tea drinker, so as to better appreciate the real “Zen tea spirit”.
1 breath regulation
The master should guide the guest to meditate first.
2 Boil water
Observe the fire phase, from the burning flame to understand the shortness of life and the brilliance of life.
3 Hou Tang
From the boiling water Hou Tang listen to the initial boiling, boiling sound, people will have “Fahai tide sound, random general response” sentiment.
4 Wash the cup
When washing the cup by turning the cup, it may be possible to see the cup turn into enlightenment.
5 Hot pot
Using boiling water to wash the teapot is called “fragrant soup bath Buddha”, indicating the strength of the mood.
6 Enjoy Tea
Show tea to guests.
7 Throw tea
Throw tea into the pot, like a Bodhisattva in prison, go through water and fire, and the tea can arouse the spirit.

8 flushes
Brewing tea and flushing water can make people feel like “cliches” and lead to enlightenment. The hot air rising from the pot is like a warm cloud, which makes people feel like bathing in the spring breeze and have good thoughts in their hearts.
9 Wash tea
The tea is still clean to wash, the pursuit is spotless.
10 Making Tea
The teapot is like the human heart, it should be inclusive of everything, everything is true like a wonderful body, in the small teapot also contains profound Buddhist principles and Zen machines.
11 points tea
Zen tea tea art pay attention to: there are three thousand merit water in the pot, and listen to the sound of Yanxi water. The sound of pouring tea is also like the sound of Yanxi water can inspire people’s mind, alert the mind and help people to understand the way.

12 Tea
The purpose of offering tea is to use tea as the media, so that guests can taste the taste of life from the bitterness of tea.
13 Smell the incense
Do deep breathing, as much as possible to inhale the aroma of tea, and make the tea aroma directly to the cranial door, repeated several times.
14 Color viewing
“Secret Nunnery sayings” said: “By listening to a drop of Cao stream, scattered as emperor city Yuan spring.” The color of the tea soup is called “Caoxi watching water”, and the metaphor is to see the color is empty from a deep level.
15 Tea Tasting
One of the principles of the Yunmen School of learning, that is, to follow the fate of things, to freely understand the taste of tea, not tired of bitterness, not partial to sweet, only in this way can the mind be relaxed, broad and free, in order to realize the Zen machine Buddha ceremony from the tea.
16 Aftertaste
After tasting the tea, the sixteen procedures on the front side, and then carefully aftertaste, will be: “There is a sense that through, a thousand cups of tea reflects a thousand cups of moon; A perfect sense of understanding, a thousand miles of clouds to ten thousand miles of heaven.” The Dharma doctrine is in the most ordinary things of daily life, and the true nature of Buddha-nature is in people’s own hearts.
17 Thanks for tea
Tea should be often drunk, meditation should be often involved, sex should be often nourished, and the body should be often cultivated. “Seven bowls to taste, one pot to really interesting, empty hold a hundred thousand verses, better to eat tea!”

Tasting tea is like meditation
The meaning of tea is to put down, life is like a journey, people who are rushing about, busy people, put down the work in their hands, take a break, enjoy leisure, and put down the meaning of Zen, so it is called tea Zen blindly.
“Go to eat tea” is a famous case of Zen. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, Zhao Zhou from the Zen master, with “eat tea to go” to meet the posterity a convenient way.
Zen masters believe that the normal mind is the way, the way in nature, far water to carry firewood are wonderful way.

What are the two types of Japanese tea ceremonies? (What are the two types of Japanese tea ceremonies?)

Japanese tea ceremony is divided into two kinds: matcha ceremony and fried tea ceremony. Japanese tea ceremony is developed on the basis of “daily tea and food”, and eventually becomes a comprehensive cultural and artistic activity. It is not only about material enjoyment, but also about learning tea ceremony through tea party, cultivating people’s aesthetic and moral concepts.
The origin of Japanese tea ceremony:
Japan is located in an island country, there are no large areas of plains, as well as thousands of rivers and mountains. In the natural environment of mountainous areas, it is a good place for tea ceremony practice. Tea ceremony is the medium of Taoist thought, and the pursuit of harmony between heaven and man and quiet inaction is exactly in line with the geographical environment of Japan, which is also the soul of tea ceremony.
What is Tao?
Tao is the truth of all things, the law of all things, and the way of doing things. The Chinese folk understanding of Tao is to ascend the immortal and seek the way, while the Japanese believe that Tao is to pursue the true meaning of life through the sense of ritual.
Japanese people do things seriously, small things also want to pursue a strong sense of ceremony, visit guests, three meals a day have a ritual. What kind of tea is Pu ‘er tea? Learn tea knowledge, please pay attention to: wwW.Lhecha.cOM], then the tea is more exquisite to the extreme, and the spirit of Tao is applied to the entire process of tea.

Japanese Taoism is divided into tea ceremony, flower way, book way, incense way, Bushido. Among them, the tea ceremony has the greatest influence on the other four Daos and is the root of all Daos.
The tea ceremony originated from Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty. In the early days, tea leaves needed to be crushed and brewed for a long time, which was very tedious. In the period of Zhu Yuanzhang in the Ming Dynasty, those tedious procedures were eliminated and the tea was brewed directly with boiling water.
The Japanese tea ceremony borrows from the tea culture of the Tang Dynasty and has not changed with the way we brew tea.
The unity of nature and man in the tea ceremony
What is the unity of nature and man in the tea ceremony? It is advocating nature and simplicity, people should be integrated with nature and live in harmony, drinking tea is not to quench thirst, it is not functional, but through drinking tea to feel nature and integrate with the universe.
Quiet and undoing
This is the thought of Zhuangzi, Zhuangzi thinks that health needs to be indifferent to fame and wealth, life and death, and keep the heart simple and single-minded; The areas where tea is grown are in the misty mountains, where there are few people, and it is a good place for quiet practice.
Do not tolerate anything
Taoism believes that emptiness is omnipotent and omnipotent. In Japan, the teahouse is called the empty house, which requires no other items except items related to tea drinking. The minimalist style is like a Chinese landscape painting, and the white space gives people unlimited reverie.
Japanese tea Ceremony Zen ideology:
In Japan, many monks are both Buddhist and tea people, and tea tasting also means Zen practice. Long-term meditation tired need to drink tea to refresh, Zen focus on introspection, self-cultivation, through the whole process of tea in the tea room, together with the guests detached from reality.
Before entering the teahouse, the guests must first pass through the open ground, then scoop water with a spoon, wash hands, gargle, after entering the teahouse, bow, bend, gestures are exquisite, sit down to kneel, and land on the ground with both hands, each movement range can not be too large, the voice is very small, the host serves tea, you need to face the bowl to the guests, the position of the bowl, and the amount of tea to drink.
The ritual aspect of the tea ceremony comes from the Zen ritual, a series of ritualistic acts that are practiced with the guests.

The tea ceremony is to see the big through the small, to taste the big world through tea. Taoism laid the foundation for the aesthetic idea of the tea ceremony, while Zen put this ideal into practice.
All the great tea masters were Zen disciples who tried to introduce the spirit of Zen into the practice of living. Therefore, the tea room and the tea ceremony utensils used in the tea room are full of Zen.