Are there any local forums in Shanghai? Popular ones

Yes, there are several local forums in Shanghai, some of which are: * Fence Forum: This forum has several local communities in Shanghai, including Shanghai Tang Community, Shanghai Hotline, Eastday, etc. Here you can find discussions and information about living, working, playing and more in Shanghai. * Harmony Forum: This forum also has many local communities in Shanghai, including Broadband Mountain community, Kool-Aid Shanghai Forum, etc. The topics here cover life, travel, shopping, real estate and more in Shanghai. * 9 to 5 Forum: This forum also has many topics related to Shanghai, including Nanhui 52 Life Forum, Shanghai Net Marine Community, etc. This paper mainly discusses the work, career, workplace and other aspects of Shanghai. These forums are very popular, you can choose a suitable forum for you to join.
Shanghai Forum
The Shanghai Forum is an international forum hosted by Fudan University and sponsored by the Korea Foundation for Higher Education. Involving economic, financial, legal, political, social, energy, environmental and many other aspects. It has the participation of well-known scholars from various countries. As a forum with the same name as the Beijing Forum, it is usually held in May at the International Convention Center in Lujiazui and Fudan University.

What is worth listening to in Shanghai

Owns several local TED organizations and holds conferences regularly or irregularly. Such as TEDxFDU, TEDxWenhuiRd and other TEDx. In Songjiang University Town there are more than five. As the TED slogan says :Ideas are worth spreading.

What is worth listening to in Shanghai

Lujiazui Forum

The Lujiazui Forum, jointly organized by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Central bank, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Regulatory Commission, has always been regarded as a very important financial and economic forum. There were many big names at the meeting, and the ideas were worth absorbing.

What is worth listening to in Shanghai

Lectures held in various universities

Universities hold some lectures, most of which do not require identification and are open to the public. Some of them can be found on the official website of the school, or you can follow the news of everyone or wechat microblog.